Storm Tracker Weather Customer Reviews:



Since last update it doesn't work anymore, the slash screen comes on and then it crashes

Ads and so slow updating

It's so slow to update that's its of no use. Lex18 is by far the most accurate weather, but the app sucks.


Why all of the pop up ads!

Pop ups!

This was my go to. These pop ups now make it horrible.

A much needed app but the ads are getting ridiculous...

Way too many ads. Was a great app before but now it sucks. Time to get rid of it.

Pop up ads, after YEARS of use!?

I've relied on this app for great local weather for years, and with the first pop up ad came the second, after the second I immediately uninstalled. So disappointing. Probably won't be back to this one again.

Weather aimee


Spot on

Very accurate

Great app

Great weather radar


Good accuracy

Like the accuracy of the forecasts.

Great for local weather

Not too bad

Love it..

Hurricane MATTHEW

Love the app

We love lex 18 😀

A good app

Works and does what I need it to do.also fairly accurate.



just like most others puts my location in a city 15 mi away nowhwere near my current location... needs work reading gps properly... GARBAGE



Great weather app

Great weather app.

The app wonderful work


I love it...

Just downloaded it.We will see

Thanks! this app. Is very helpful!

Has been very valuable so far!


Hate the redesign. I do not want a Sullivan College ad popping up in my news source. You ruined a good thing. Good bye!

New to thid app give some time looks good we will see


Love it

Laid Out Well

Love this user friendly lay out. Very helpful.

The best?

Yes, yes it is. It's accurate and easy to figure out. I love it.





How do I use it?

My favorite weather app

A good weather app is a must have here in Florida and this is my go to app for all my storm watching needs!

I really love this app! Best one I've used!


Rethink the FLASHING ads.

This is distracting and could be dangerous for ppl with certain medical conditions. I get needing to have the ads, just stop the flashing!

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